We Thank You for a Fantastic
13th Annual RCMD Golf Tournament

Every year, we hold one of our club's most anticipated signature events: The RCMD Annual Golf Tournament.


Through the friendship and generosity of our funding partners, we are able to make this much awaited event a means to raise funds to support our various initiatives aimed to help different communities.

13th RCMD Golf Tournament Highlights



Thank you to everyone who made this event possible -- to our hardworking Golf 2017 committee, our sponsors, the players and guests, our beloved club mates, and all those who supported us!


A Massive Congratulations to Our Major Winners

We had over 200 prizes up for grabs! And these guys were the day's winners among winners! 


A Heartfelt Thanks to Our Partners

Without the kindness and generosity of our partners, our club would not have been able to make this year's RCMD Golf Tournament the most exciting and prize-filled one to date!

Thank you for believing in the work that RCMD does for the community, and being one with us in serving humanity!


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Sponsored by

  • Flavorites Enterprises
  • Omnipack Industrial Corporation
  • NU Steel PTE Limited (Singapore)
  • Filinvest Group
  • Marvel Company Limited (Japan)
  • Danielsen Transport
  • Asia Cargo Container
  • International Farms Corporation
  • Jiangyin Zongcheng Steel
  • Emily Chua Yao & Sylvia Tanedo
  • Chairman Sy & Evelyn Ong
  • Alfredo Yao
  • PP Perry Noble
  • Alex Lim
  • Alvin Lee
  • Richard Tiu
  • Cristina Cobankiat
  • Dorothy Tanedo
  • Nelson Mabanta
  • PP Juor Buted

See You All Again Next Year!