Club80+ • Volume 22 Issue 2 RY1617

President's Section

The circle of life was apparent in these last two weeks of club life. We lost a loving friend, club mate and past president. We pray for the Late PP Gilda.  We also welcomed two new baby Rotarians this week. The circle of life, it spins on the axis of family. RCMD is family.

RCMD was up way north today, in Calayan Islands as PP Bong conducted RCMD Mulat Mata operations for the communities there in partnership with the Armed Forces of The Philippines. Thank you PP Bong!

We had two great meetings that received a lot of online interest. Thank you to the lovely Karen Davila and the lovely Gaita Fores for gracing us with your presence.

Happy Birthday PP Melitte, Tet, Mariko, April, Malu S.

Let’s keep our RCMD family strong always. Thank you!

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