Club80+ • Volume 22 Issue 17 RY1617

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2017 Pedyalympics was held and it was a success. Thank you Baby and PP Perry for giving our participating children with special needs a day full of love and enjoyment! Thank you to the celebrities who came!

Great meetings with keynote speakers at our recent two meetings: Mike Solaric (CEO of Solaric Philippines) and Oscar Aragon (Past President of the Pharmaceutical Industry Association of The Philippines)

I had my PETS for RY2017-2018, it was good to get acquainted with the presidents-elect of our fellow clubs in the district.

The collective spirit of being determined, from the kids at 2017 Pedyalympics to the enterprising spirit of RCMDers and next generation tech entrepreneurs like Mike and Oscar, is strong. Let’s harness that energy to do more great things to serve humanity and make a difference!

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