Club80+ • Volume 22 Issue 11 RY1617

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I am so very grateful that we were all about making children happy this christmas season. Thank you PP Lou for leading Mobile Mulat Mata operations - gifitng children both with eye glasses and a free eye refraction exam as well as a wonderful gift set! Thank you PP Joji and Joann for making possible our mission to the children at risk with the law under the care of Bahay Aruga. Thank you for so generously donating time and talent and treasure!

Our club turned 22 last December 14, but it we will need to celebrate in January because of our members’ availabilities! But see you at our christmas party next week!

Congratulations to our President Nominee Designate Dr. Ben Valdecanas!!!

Congratulations Reg! Wow, LPGA Pro! Congrats Proud Mom Tet! #FamilyOfRotary

Happy Birthday Perry, Mark, Cyril, Malou!

Let’s keep making Christmas time special for young people. Thank you!


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