Club80+ • Volume 22 Issue 10 RY1617

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These last three weeks, we did our annual visit to Mother Teresa Home of Joy for Sick Children and remitted our annual donation. Thank you charter member Tony for sharing with us this wonderful experience. We also conducted two RCMD Alay missions. We conducted an Alay Buhay Heart Valve operation and launched our 2016-2017 Alay Kalusugan Feeding program. Thank you Director Gerb and PP Joji for chairing these programs!

Was absolutely delighted to hear from our baby rotarians who gave their vocational talks.

Congratulations PP Joji for being appointed to chair Discon 2017.

Congratulations CP Becky for demonstrating thought leadership in you keynote at the 2nd Asia Congress for Robotic Surgery!

Happy Birthday Mary Anne, Babs, Ferdie, Coco, Lia and Randy!

Let’s keep strong our commitment to saving lives! Thank you!

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