Thank you for making AIM23 a success! ❤️

Our district mates were delighted by their AIM23 experience. ❤️

It is my earnest hope that each and every club mate had fun!  ❤️

To those who went: Thank you for your presence! ❤️

To those who supported: Thank you for your gracious support! ❤️

In case you didn’t get to attend, please catch the live stream archived on Facebook, will also soon be routing a copy of the final SDE + a copy of my Valedictory & Inaugural address and the keynote of our Governor (I will send another detailed post-event message with more detailed expressions of gratitude when I remit the pictures and videos!)

As we begin phase 2 of RCMD’s FAST Years, let’s achieve this year’s goals of:

#1 successfully developing and implementing our service activities through the FAST operating system

#2 acquiring 30 new members (Project #More)

#3 launching our other club strengthening projects (Project #Tall for activating and acquiring sponsored clubs, sister clubs & partners in service, Project #Tokyo for determining our 6 Flagship Programs, one per area of focus and tapping into corporate/institutional generosity, Project #Taipei for tapping into consumer/individual generosity, Project #Triumph for achieving 6 year high in TRF Giving).

#4 successful implementation of club service and district service activities!