Love is in the Air with AG PP Philip Nazareno

February 15, 2017 -- Love was totally in the air! Our regular weekly meeting was extra special and extra sweet last night -- there were roses for everyone, romantic scenography (with lighting and direction by Spiritual -- and now Lighting -- Director Elmer Ngo), chocolates and goodlies courtesy of our beloved club mate, Annabelle, and a live acoustic serenade during our dinner and fellowship; thanks to Nico Katigbak for the songs of love!

As our keynote speaker for this Valentine's club meeting, we had very own District Assistant Governor / RCMD Past President Philip Nazareno discuss "Crimes of Passion and Romance in the Philippines", one of the top rating topics in his former show "Compañero y Compañera".

This once-a-year version of our weekly club meetings is something that everyone anticipates, and for good reason! Thank you to everyone who came and here's to more love and romance!