RCMD Launches MOST 2017

January 18, 2017 - We are proud to announce that during our latest club meeting, we have successfully launched our annual awards giving program, MOST 2017: the search for the Most Outstanding (public school) Teacker in Makati!

This program is an institution to the 12 public high schools in Makati. 10 out of these 12 schools have sent their principals (who preside over the formation of a collective 2,000 students) and teachers to attend and be briefed about the program.

This year, we were immensely grateful for the notable corporate institutions that stood as sponsors for our program, namely Hindustan Pencils Pvt. Ltd. and Consolidated Paper Products Inc. We were delighted to have their executives join us in the launch to personally give us their donation and hand everyone gifts!

Of course, we also had a very interesting keynote speaker, Professor Van Ybiernas, who talked about History as a subject, and expressed his appreciation to and the important roles of basic education level teachers in general.

Our club was in full support, as reflected in the number of attendees! Special thanks to the MOST Team for all their hardwork - Annabelle, Gerb, PP Jun, Diane, and Ivy! Thank you also to Conrad for inviting our keynote speaker, and to PP Joji for moderating.