Changing Lives at Bahay Mulat-Mata

Lives changed... right before our (and our beneficiaries') very eyes!

Today was an extremely special day for us -- we were able to witness the instant change in the lives of more than 20 patients in our annual Mulat-Mata Mission in our facility called Bahay Mulat-Mata situated within the compound of Ephpheta Foundation in Project 4, Quezon City. In this mission, we gave free cataract surgeries to those whose means are limited to avail of the procedure.

Just this morning, Auntie Maria, one of our patients, arrived at our Bahay Mulat-Mata Cataract Surgical Center a blind person. Minutes after the laser surgery, she left and saw the world and its colors again!

We were moved by how a wave of gratitude from our patients filled our Bahay Mulat-Mata, and our hearts were brimming with joy to see how, in a matter of minutes, people who have gone for years with poor eyesight (or in some cases, blindness) get back this important part of their lives.

It was such an immensely humbling experience that reminded us that when Rotarians come together, and put our hearts into action, amazing high-impact things happen -- such was the case in today's mission.

On days like this, one's love for the Rotary movement and family is easily revitalized. Thank you for your love and support because it is your hands and your deeds that make beautiful miracles like today possible!